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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Most types of wounds and ulcers:

  • Infected wounds

  • Non healing wounds

  • Chronic wounds

  • Diabetic leg and foot ulcers

  • Post-surgical wounds (infected)

  • Pressure ulcers (‘bedsores’)

  • Arterial ulcers

  • Venous stasis ulcers*

  • Trauma wounds (protection, sterilization)

  • Necrotizing soft tissue infections

In all fields of medicine including wound care, every medical case is unique, so that definite predictions about duration of treatment needed to stimulate complete wound healing, cannot be given. All medical treatment results can vary and can never be guaranteed.

The W250 has proved to be very effective for wound and ulcer infection treatment, and for starting and accelerating wound closure to complete healing. SIS WoundCare equipment is confirmed to have saved lower and whole leg amputations.

For illustrative examples of wound and ulcer healing cases with W250 treatment, please see some of our RESULTS >

No you do not.

One of our major aims is to supply directly to individuals, anywhere in the world, advanced electromedical equipment, which is fast and simple to apply, and that can be used capably at home without any medical expertise.

The SIS equipment is designed for home as well as clinic use.

Yes it can. The SIS W250 does not interfere with standard wound care.

The two stimulation pads that connect to the W250 can be positioned on either side of any wound dressing if that dressing is considered non-removable for any duration.

The W250 automatically and continuously self-adapts the wound healing stimulation to the positioning of the pads.

There are easy to follow diagrams and instructions in the QUICKSTART GUIDE >

The SIS equipment is not intended to replace standard wound care.

Consult your wound care professional for advice about standard care for your wound or ulcer.

The W250 machine can be used in addition to standard wound care.

Yes we do. We provide unlimited and ongoing support to the original-purchase user.

We will always communicate promptly, and with as much help and detail as necessary for correct and optimal application of the W250 equipment.

No there are not.

None of the side effects known to be caused by antibiotics have been reported from the hundreds of applications of the SIS equipment over a period of approximately 10 years at the Electromedicine Clinic, Frankston, Victoria, Australia, during the SIS equipment development.

Additionally, none of the side effects of antibiotics were reported by the electromedicine pioneer, American orthopedic surgeon Robert O Becker (1923-2008), nor by his research associates, during their many hospital applications of silver-nylon cloth pad treatments for infections and wound healing.

Yes you must.

The SIS pads are irreplaceable for use with the W250 machine. The SIS pads have up to 200× higher electrical conductivity than any other electrotherapy pad in the world. The SIS pads have been specially cross-developed to enable the ultra-precise stimulation technology of the W250 machine.

No they do not. The SIS pads are not ‘sticky’, they need to be held onto the body using standard adhesive medical fixation tape.

A 10 meter roll of highest quality Fixomull® Transparent or Stretch wound fixation tape is included in the Pad Pack Kit delivered with each W250 machine. Replacement fixation tape is a non-prescription item, generally available from most chemists and pharmacies.

Other types of physiotherapy or injury rehabilitation tape can also be used.

In an outdoor emergency situation, bandages can be used.

No they do not.

The SIS pads do not cause any pain nor discomfort and do not disturb the wound or ulcer in any way.

The two SIS pads go next to the edge of the wound or ulcer, and ‘behind’ the wound or ulcer on the opposite side of the leg or arm.

When there is a wound dressing that cannot be removed and is too large for the SIS pad to go next to the wound, then both pads go on either side of the dressing.

There are easy to follow diagrams and instructions in the QUICKSTART GUIDE >


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