SIS WoundCare

A new way to treat infected and non healing wounds

What type of wound can it help heal?

The W250 can be applied to most wounds:

Simple to Use

No medical expertise needed

Place pads (easy diagrams included)

wound electrotherapy

Turn on device (runs on batteries)

wound healing device

Device monitors and stimulates


Advanced Wound Healing - Life Changing Results

Patented World First Wound Care Technology

wound electrical stimulation

Device Advantages

For home and clinic use

Press & Go

Apply pads, press the button and the device will do the rest.

Zero Wound Contact

Pads do not contact the wound. No pain, no discomfort. No disturbance of new tissue growth.


Whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or driving, the W250 device can be taken with you.

BioFeedback Loop

Continuously self-adapts to replace or supplement your wound's natural bioelectric control signal for healing.


FREE application and operation support from practicing expert clinicians.

5 Year Warranty

Medical electronics certified, super-robust device. Manufactured, tested and calibrated by our engineers.


World First SIS Stimulation Pads

Feedback from users of the W250 machine

The Benefits of SIS Technology

Electrical Stimulation Device
Treatment and prevention of infection. Ultra precise, microorganism-specific, low intensity direct current. Effective for antibiotic resistant superbug infections.
Wound healing. Realtime, self-adaptive supplementation or replacement of the key bioelectric controller of wound healing: the wound-generated electric field—boosts the body’s natural ‘current of injury’.
Better healing, less scar tissue. Stimulates fibroblast cells in the wound to self-modify to have tissue regeneration abilities resembling stem cells potentials.
SIS electrodes do not contact wound. No disturbance of new granulation tissue growth during wound closure; no added wound discomfort.
Suitable for most types of surface wounds and ulcers.
No drug side effects or risks.
Quick and easy to apply. For independent home and clinic use.
Robust construction inside and out. Medical electronics standard certified. Each unit is a precision instrument, individually tested and calibrated by our engineers. 5 year warranty.

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