wound electrotherapy electrode

The SIS electrode (pad) is the highest conducting electrotherapy (electromedical) pad in the world.

The SIS pad is a unique electromedical (electrotherapy) device that has been cross-developed with the W250 SIS machine.

SIS Electrode Specifications

Far higher electrical conductivity (10-100×) than standard electrotherapy electrodes.

Non wound contact.

Optimal for extended applications:

Lower intensity and higher precision stimulation Output Currents

Improved skin protection.


15cm × 10cm SIS Large pad, for the treatment of larger area surface wounds and ulcers.

4.7cm ⌀diameter SIS Small round pad, for treatment of most smaller area surface wounds and ulcers.

Pads can be cut to size.

Regulatory Certifications

Class IIa (cutaneous electrode) Class III (iontophoresis electrode) Medsafe NZ WAND notified.

Manufacture Certifications: ISO 13485.Biocompatibility: ISO Biological Evaluation of Medical Device tested for skin and cell cytotoxicity, irritation and delayed-type hypersensitivity.

RoHS & REACH compliant.

wound electrotherapy electrode
SIS 4.7cm (1.87 inch) diameter Small round electrode
silver iontophoresis electrode
SIS 10cm × 15cm (4 × 6 inch) Large rectangular electrode

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